Why You Should Rent Bathroom Trailers For Weddings

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While some couples are hesitant to rent bathroom trailers for weddings, they can prove to be very useful. They can prevent long lines at traditional restrooms and help ensure that guests are comfortable throughout the night. Plus, they can also enhance the look of a wedding. The most basic porta potty will run you about $150. A more sophisticated portable toilet will cost a few hundred dollars more. This upgraded version will include flushing toilets, sink stations and a hand washing station. It may also include an attendant.

If you’re getting married in a public outdoor space, like a park or forest, a rural vineyard or a private estate, make sure to check with the location ahead of time. They may have guidelines that specify what kind of structures you can add to the property. If they don’t, ask your venue about what kind of mobile restrooms they have on site and how many they can accommodate.

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A luxury restroom trailer can transform your event into a stylish, elegant affair that will impress even the most discerning of wedding guests. It’s designed to match the interior décor of your venue and can be rented with options such as wood grain flooring, Corian countertops and vessel sinks. Some models can even have a flat-screen TV, mirrors and cabinetry.

One of the best things about portable restroom trailers for weddings is that they can be hidden from view with understated yet thematically appropriate screening, such as a hedge wall, a rustic door or nautical slat. This allows you to keep them out of sight without interrupting the ambiance of your event.