Who Are the Five Richest Men in the World?

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Richest Men in the World by Bill Gates was written in 1995, and contains fascinating insights of the way money can be made and the processes required for reaching the top of the economic ladder. This book talks about how to become rich quickly (something that is almost impossible nowadays), the secrets of top investors, the benefits of investing in whole life policies and much more. If you are a technology entrepreneur, or an investor, this book will open your eyes to some incredible opportunities. The author talks about his background and why he became one of the richest people in the world, and what makes him tick.

In Riches, Bill Gates discusses how to become one of the richest men in the world by creating Microsoft. At first, Microsoft had just been formed and Bill Gates was working on its earliest form, a game called DOS. It was not long before it became one of the most successful companies in the world, which Bill Gates took over in the mid 1980’s. Gates was also very busy with Microsoft while earning a doctorate in mathematics at Harvard University. As he was completing his degree, Gates invested in some companies that were going public, including Corel and Microsoft. His estimated net worth is calculated at over a hundred billion dollars.

This book talks about why Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. It discusses the time period when he entered into the business field, and how the business industry has changed. Many of the rules that were in place when he was starting out in his career have all but been abolished. There have been a number of other people who have also become rich in their own right, although, their estimated net worth is much less than Gates’.

The other aspect of Gates’ wealth is his estimated net worth, which is nearly two billion dollars. The second richest man today, Warren Buffet, has estimated his worth at approximately six billion dollars. This means that only three out of the entire fifty most wealthy people in the world are able to claim a billion dollar fortune.

Bill Gates is not the only person on this list who is considered to be the world’s richest man. Warren Buffet is second only to Gates, and he is second only to dos. These two men all share a common trait with the other people on this list, which is, they all started with a relatively small investment and over the years have grown their net worth exponentially. Now, they all have investments in the multi-billion dollar industries that they have started with.

These industries include software, biotechnology, cell phones, retail, internet, banking, and others. The other industries on this list include oil exploration, transportation, geology, engineering, communications, and entertainment. This list is referred to as the Fortune 500. These are the industries that the combination of brains will never be able to solve and therefore they are always in the process of finding better solutions to problems that we face in our lives. These are the men who have accumulated their billions and probably do not plan on stopping anytime soon.