Using Outdoor Billboard Advertising to Reach Your Commuting Audience

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As a form of outdoor billboard advertising, billboard advertising helps to reach audiences that may be out and about on their daily commutes. Whether it is a classic non-digital billboard alongside highways or an interactive digital billboard, these large displays provide prolonged exposure to potential customers.

Outdoor marketing is a powerful and often overlooked part of your local advertising strategy. It enables you to connect with consumers in real life and provides a striking antidote to “digital fatigue”. Out-of-home advertising is one of the most trusted forms of media in today’s marketplace. With that said, you must make sure your billboard is both captivating and relevant for your target audience.

Out of Home Advertising in the UK: Engaging Consumers on the Move

Static billboards are the classic, non-digital ads you see along highways and city streets around the world. They are typically simple, creative and eye-catching. These large structures can be a great tool for building brand awareness, offering directions, and creating business familiarity.

Digital billboards offer more creativity, and they can also be used for specific targeting of your audience. For example, a coffee shop might put up a digital billboard during the morning to promote their breakfast specials for consumers commuting to work. They might then change the ad during the evening to promote their dinner specials for people heading home.

Some of the more unique and innovative billboards have simulated car crashes, used smoke, and even featured actors. However, a more subtle and effective approach to outdoor advertising is the growing trend of street furniture. Ads in the form of kiosks, bike racks and charging terminals are becoming more prominent in urban areas where space is at a premium.