The Real World Andrew Tate Review

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the real world andrew tate

Therealworld tate  is a man who has built himself quite the online persona. He claims to have a wealth creation program that teaches people how to gain financial freedom and independence through education and mentoring. This program has a large following and offers members daily educational videos, access to resources, and a community of like-minded individuals.

While there is no concrete evidence that Tate himself is a monster guilty of the crimes of which he is accused, his hypnotic social media videos and extremist ideas have many of the same red flags as the language used by cult leaders. Specifically, his emphasis on isolating himself from “average” society and his notion that he alone holds the keys to escape The Matrix places him on an untouchable pedestal not unlike a guru.

Andrew Tate’s Real World Playbook: Living Life on Your Terms

This is particularly evident in his 2022 rants on social media where he talks about beating women and grabbing them by the neck. These controversies led to him being banned from all of the major platforms, but Tate was determined to keep his message alive and so created a platform called the real world, which is similar to Hustlers University but has its own server, payment processor, and a lot more content.

This new platform has been a hit with young men who feel left out and are interested in finding solutions to their problems. The program also encourages students to make fake Tiktok accounts to promote it and gives them a percentage of their course fee back for every successful sign up.