The M65 Field Jacket

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m65 field jacket

One of the most common styles of field jacket is the M65 Field Jacket. It was designed for the United States Armed Forces under the MIL-C-43455J standard and is produced by many companies, including Alpha Industries, Southern Athletic Co., and John Ownbey Co. Today, it is available for civilian purchase. Listed below are the features of this jacket. Listed below are some pros and cons of this jacket.

How to Know About The M65 Field Jacket

The M65 Field Jacket was designed for the harsh climates of Vietnam. It featured a hood that rolled down and metal snap buttons for closure. It also featured four large front pockets and introduced a new colour palette to the jungle terrain. This jacket was created by Alpha Industries, a company based in Knoxville, Tennessee. In fact, the company has produced a lot of army surplus jackets for the military. It is still an excellent option for any casual spring jacket.

This military-grade jacket has many great features that make it versatile and comfortable to wear. Its oversized pockets are convenient for carrying a cell phone or other small items. It also comes with two large hip pockets. You can add a hood to your M65 field jacket by snapping the hood in. You can even purchase a jacket with a button-in liner for extra protection in cold weather. The M65 field jacket has the potential to make any outfit look more professional and sophisticated.

Alpha Industries, the company behind Alpha Industries, capitalized on the popularity of the M65 field jacket by releasing it in civilian fashion. Today, there are many modern styles of the M65 field jacket. The classic style pairs well with denim jeans, sneakers, and a crew neck T-shirt. You can even wear this classic style with a chambray shirt and a beanie. Regardless of which style you choose, the M65 field jacket is a great choice.