Podcast Studio in Bali

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If you’re a podcast studio bali , aspiring singer-songwriter or just love to record your voice in the wild, head to Bali for the most natural recording experience of your life. A new eco-village and artist-in-residency villa called TheNYX is reshaping the world of eat-pray-music with a sound studio insulated from the surrounding jungle.

The multi-level podcast & video production complex includes a creative space, entrepreneur community, cafe, bar and events space, a professional studio, audio equipment and a live events stage. Located in the heart of Bali, it features three professional acoustic studios and an inspiring environment for creative collaboration.

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RODECaster Pro: The revolutionary all-in-one podcast studio that takes the pain out of recording a sophisticated show

The RODECaster Pro comes with everything you need to record your next sophisticated podcast, in one sleek box. It integrates a mixer, sound effects player, phone tap for taking calls, a recorder and more into a single device, which saves you time and money by eliminating the need to buy each component separately. A touchscreen display lets you monitor your live sound, adding markers to your track on the fly for easy editing.