How to Use a CBD Muscle Cream

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cbd muscle cream

If you work a physically demanding job or you’re an avid athlete, chances are you’ve experienced sore joints and muscles from time to time. Luckily, there’s a powerful new weapon in the war against soreness: cbd muscle cream.

A CBD muscle rub combines the topical pain relief benefits of CBD oil with additional natural ingredients to help relieve tight, sore muscles and stiff joints. They often contain essential oils like peppermint, tea tree, and eucalyptus to add an extra layer of comfort to the balm. Since they are applied directly to the skin, CBD muscle rubs are a great choice for people who want to avoid the THC high associated with cannabis inhalation.

Muscle Recovery: CBD Muscle Cream Explained

Topical CBD is absorbed in the skin where it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system to alleviate pain in the targeted area. CBD muscle balms are particularly effective for joint pain because they can soothe the achy areas where you need it most.

Our Muscle Rescue is a non-sticky, fast-absorbing formula to keep your muscles feeling fresh and relaxed throughout the day. It’s perfect to apply as you finish a workout or while stretching before your next run. You can also try pairing it with a jade roller or lacrosse ball to increase your massage game and deepen the absorption of the balm. It’s also great for rubbing in before bed to calm tense muscles. You’ll sleep more soundly, and wake up with less tension. Plus, it’s formulated with skin-loving ingredients including shea butter and arnica.