How to Create a Linkedin Carousel

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LinkedIn’s native carousels are a great way to show off content and create a visually engaging journey for your audience. They also encourage people to interact with your posts, which can result in more engagement and wider visibility within their network.

Back in 2019, LinkedIn carousels  the ability to upload PDF documents into updates, which were then converted into multi-frame preview decks that users can swipe through in-stream (though it doesn’t look as good as an embedded post and requires a tap to LinkedIn for full functionality). Creators soon worked out they could use this capability to create a carousel-style design by creating a separate image for each page of their document upload.

Now, after years of ‘hacking’ carousel posts using this workaround, LinkedIn has finally added a native option for these types of updates. In this article, I’ll show you how to use it and share some best practice tips to help you get the most out of this new feature.

How to create a linkedin carousel

Creating a LinkedIn carousel is easy. Just go to the Start a post box on LinkedIn and click the Add a document button (the paper clip). You’ll see more file upload options, including the option to create a carousel. Enter a caption for your carousel and a short description to help LinkedIn find and categorize it. Then select the document you’d like to use, ensuring that the file size is less than 100MB and that it has at least 300 pages.