How to Check Scammer Email

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check scammer email

A check scammer email is an attempt to trick you into downloading malware, sending money or giving up confidential information. Scammers use spoofing to disguise an email address, phone number or website URL–sometimes just changing one letter, symbol or number to appear legitimate. This can cause you to believe the communication is real, so you may click a link or download an attachment that contains a virus.

Check scammer email use a variety of tactics to lure victims, including scanning newspaper and online classified ads for items for sale, looking through job postings on online classified sites for people seeking employment and purchasing “sucker lists” from the black market that have sensitive information about previous victims. They may also pose as a company representative and make contact with you via telephone, text or online chat.

In many cases, the first give-away is in the email address: A fake domain will contain letters and numbers that do not match a recognised organisation or be easy to guess, such as Gmail or Yahoo. A genuine email will usually be sent from a corporate or private email service with additional verification measures in place.

Stay Safe: How to Check Scammer Emails and Avoid Online Fraud

Hover your cursor over the sender’s name or right-click on it to see the full email address. Does it match the name of a person you know, or is it a generic address such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail? Does the email ask you to click a link or download an attachment that seems out of character with your relationship with the sender, or is there something about the language, grammar or spelling that doesn’t sound right? If you’re still unsure, trust your gut instinct and delete the email.