Heishi Bead Bracelet Ideas

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Heishi bead bracelet ideas aren’t just a trend—they’re also a fun craft project that’s perfect for all ages. These clay bead bracelet ideas are easy for grown-ups and kids to make and can be customized with gold accents and letter beads to make them even more special. They’re a great way to add a pop of color and flair to your wardrobe and make a unique gift for friends and family.

Heishi beads are small, disc-shaped

heishi bead bracelet ideas

beads made from natural materials like shell or stone and have been worn by Native American tribes for centuries. Today, they’re used to create stylish jewelry and are available in a wide variety of colors and styles, from traditional white Heishi beaded bracelets to intricately woven multi-strand bracelets adorned with hematite and gold beads.

They’re especially popular because of their versatility and ease of use — their flat, disc shape makes them great for layering and stacking and they can easily be strung on elastic for trendy stretch bracelets. Heishi bead bracelets can also be worn as a reminder of a specific goal or intention, and are often adorned with crystal beads like quartz that are believed to align chakras and promote spiritual well-being. In addition, they’re a beautiful representation of craftsmanship and cultural tradition.