Commercial Lawyers Melbourne

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Commercial lawyers melbourne are solicitors that have specialized in areas of law that are relevant to business activities. They are able to help with the development of legal policies that will ensure that businesses adhere to laws set out by the government and remain in compliance. These include laws around trade, sales, hiring and firing employees and intellectual property. They can also assist with drafting agreements between a company and its customers, to provide protection from claims of damage or loss.

What does a commercial lawyer do Melbourne ?

When disputes arise it is essential that you have a specialist commercial lawyer to represent your interests. They can assist in negotiations and alternative dispute resolution, which saves time and money compared to court proceedings. They can also advise you on the best option based on past case history, your industry and current circumstances.

Corporate/commercial law

A commercial lawyer will have a thorough understanding of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), which is the central statute governing the practice of corporate/commercial law in Australia. The firm offers a full range of corporate/commercial services to domestic and foreign corporations, Australian and foreign trusts and managed investment schemes.

Intellectual property law

The team at MC Lawyers are highly competent, experienced and professional commercial lawyers that can handle any matters involving commercial and property law. Their senior solicitors directly involve themselves in every case, providing an air of confidence to clients that they are dealing with a reputable commercial lawyer. They are committed to providing clients with personalized client service and are upfront about costs involved from the outset, working within budgets to achieve successful results.