Come and Take It Flags

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The Come and Take It Flags, with its fierce cannon against a white background, defiantly proclaims “Come and take it!” to outsiders looking to grind down or deny Texas residents their freedom. It’s not only a potent symbol of Texas pride and defiance, but also echoes a deeper theme of resistance against tyranny that has been deeply rooted in historical movements from the battle of Thermopylae to the American Revolution to John McIntosh’s refusal to surrender Fort Morris.

Designed to taunt Mexicans at the Battle of Gonzales, where Texans resisted Spanish forces, this historically significant Flag is over 185 years old and still resonates with current Texas culture and society. Whether it’s displayed at sporting events, rallies, or in homes, this historic emblem continues to symbolize the enduring spirit of the people of Texas.

Defiant Symbolism: Come and Take It Flags

In recent times, the ‘Come and Take It’ motto has gained renewed popularity among gun enthusiasts in response to perceived threats to their right to bear arms. Like the Spartans’ bravery at Thermopylae or John McIntosh’s refusal to yield at Fort Morris, these gun-rights supporters are willing to fight for their freedom.

A recent social media post by the Texas Military Department sparked controversy as it showed the “Come and Take It” flag alongside the American and Texas state flags amid growing tensions on the U.S.-Mexican border. While the Texas Military Department has since removed the photo, the broader sentiment remains controversial. The history behind the ‘Come and Take It’ message is more complex than what’s often presented in the media, but it’s an important story to explore.