Choosing Carpet Cleaning Equipment

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carpet cleaning equipment

When you’re duct cleaning truck large areas of carpeting, you need to have the right carpet cleaning equipment. Without it, you’ll be unable to provide your clients with the best results possible and could have a negative impact on your business.

The best carpet cleaners lift dirt and stains quickly, have a lightweight design to make it easy for you to maneuver around small spaces, and can be easily cleaned between jobs. These features will save your team a lot of time and effort, which is essential to ensuring that your customers are satisfied with the services you provide.

Upright vs Portable: If you have a large house and a lot of carpeting, you’ll likely want to invest in an upright machine. These canister-style models are pricier and bulkier than their portable counterparts, but they offer more power for bigger jobs.

Maximizing Profits with the Latest Duct Cleaning Equipment for Sale

Noise Level: If you plan on using the cleaner in noisy environments, it’s important to choose a model that emits minimal noise. Our testers tested each carpet cleaner using a decibel meter and found that the majority of them produced relatively low levels of noise.

Versatile Tools: Many modern carpet cleaners come with a variety of attachments, including hoses and mini nozzles, to help you clean more hard-to-reach areas like upholstery, stairs and car interiors. Some also have crevice tools and upholstery brushes, which can be helpful in removing stubborn stains from chairs, couches and soft furnishings without drenching them.

Upright carpet cleaners typically have two tanks–one for clean water and another for dirty water–which allows you to treat a wider range of stains with one device. However, these machines can be heavy to push and awkward to use if you live in a multilevel home or have multiple rooms that need cleaning.