CBD Strains Guides

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CBD Strains Guides

CBD Strains Guides

In the past three years, the second most prevalent cannabinoid in the cannabis kingdom, CBD, has become wildly popular. Unlike THC, CBD is non-intoxicating and is often used for therapeutic purposes such as pain and anxiety relief.

CBD can be Bud Winners smoked, vaped or taken in an infused oil form. The way in which you consume CBD will have an impact on how it works in your body and the benefits it provides.

Finding the Right Strain for You

Depending on your bodyweight, method of consumption and the symptoms you want to treat, it may be helpful to start with strains with a lower concentration of CBD. Then, you can gradually work your way up to higher CBD concentrations as your tolerance for the compound builds.

Terpenes Are Also Key

To get the most out of your CBD flower experience, you need to choose a strain with the correct terpene profile. This will give you a full-flavor experience that is complemented by the effects you are looking for.

Potency is Another Key Ingredient

To enjoy the maximum benefits of CBD, you need to find a high-potency strain. This can be done by examining the percentage of CBD, other cannabinoids and other chemicals that are present in the flower.

A good provider will make this information available to their customers. Most of them will test their strains in a lab and include the results on their product label or website. This will ensure that the strain you are purchasing is free of impurities and able to deliver the full CBD effect to your body.