Can Vape Set Off Fire Alarms?

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can vape set off fire alarm

Many people wonder whether can vape set off fire alarm can set off fire alarms. Fortunately, most detectors are not triggered by e-cigarette vapour. However, different kinds of smoke detectors react differently to vapor. For instance, ionisation-based alarms are more likely to react to vapor than photoelectric-based ones.

Most detectors work by detecting particulates in the air. This is how they are able to tell whether there’s a fire. This is done in two ways: some detect beams of light that can be disrupted, and others ionise the air present between two electric plates, and then read an electrical current flowing through it. If anything denser than ionised air passes through the chamber, the current is disrupted and the fire alarm goes off. Regular smoke doesn’t have particulates large enough to trigger this, but dense clouds of e-liquid vapour might.

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The type of smoke detector in your building or apartment will affect how much vapor will set off the device. The most common variety, photoelectric, is prone to getting triggered by steam and kitchen smoke, as well as e-cigarette vapor. This kind of detector is most commonly found in hotel rooms and public indoor spaces.

On the other hand, ionisation-based smoke detectors are more often found in homes and offices. Ionisation alarms are also more prone to what the industry calls “nuisance” alarms, which means they’ll react to things that aren’t actually smoke or fire, like steam, fumes and dust. This is why they are typically not installed in kitchens.