Become an Electrician in Syracuse, New York

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For many homeowners, a task as simple as replacing a ceiling fan can turn into a major project that involves changing out wiring, mounting hardware, and more. Electrical contractor syracuse ny can be dangerous if not done correctly and is often best left to professionals. Electrical contractors know the proper wire sizes, types, and connections to use in a given situation. They can also help avoid costly mistakes that may lead to overheating or fire.

How do I check my electrician license in New York?

A Syracuse electrician can provide services for residential and commercial properties. They can perform service upgrades, install lightings and dedicated circuits, rewire existing structures, and design and engineer electrical systems. They can also install emergency backup generators and security and fire alarm systems. They can also provide same-day and round-the-clock emergency services.

To become a licensed electrician in New York, an applicant must pass two exams. The first one is a closed-book exam, which includes questions about the National Electrical Code and the NYC Electric Code. The second exam is a practical test that requires applicants to work with field parameters. Applicants must also submit background documentation and pay a licensing fee.

A Syracuse electrician can install and replace ceiling fans, conduct GFCI circuit repair, whole-house surge protection, and repair parking lot lighting. They can also assist with machine hookups and repair electrical panels. They can also perform rewiring, electrical panel upgrade, and installation of backup generators. They can also do rewiring for renovations and new construction.