A Magic Mushroom Dispensary Has Opened in Winnipeg, Canada

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A magic mushrooms dispensary canada has opened in the heart of Winnipeg, one of a wave of such stores popping up across North America. The stores sell federally outlawed psychedelic fungi to intrepid psychonauts seeking an altered state of consciousness, or to people hoping to ease mental and physical pain. The shops operate in a legal gray area, not unlike cannabis dispensaries. But owners of the new stores hope regulators, law enforcement and governments see them as different from illegal drug dealers.

The Psychedelic Revolution: Inside Magic Mushroom Dispensaries

At Magic Mush, customers can choose between a variety of dried mushrooms and tinctures that contain the psychedelic compounds psilocybin and psilocin. A nurse helps them decide which products are best suited to their needs. She says some mushrooms can provide energy, while others can bring relaxation. Some can even cause a “bad trip,” which can include anxiety, paranoia and delusions. She offers a number of suggestions to mitigate the effects, including chamomile tea and the antipsychotic haloperidol.

Getting caught with mushrooms that haven’t been legally grown, processed or sold can carry harsh penalties. That’s why it’s important to research a potential seller before making a purchase. Many people start with online reviews and forums to find reliable sellers. They can also buy grow kits at marijuana dispensaries and head shops, or ask a therapist who specializes in mental health to recommend a supplier.

In Oregon, the country’s first over-the-counter magic mushroom shop opened in December. It’s open to adults over 21 and requires them to show two forms of identification. The store uses a strange legal loophole based on a curious legal precedent, and its owner, Carlos Hermida, is prepared for a crackdown.